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Summer sledding tracks to attract tourists during the summer, in Brașov

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Authorities in Brașov are investing money in summer sledding tracks to attract tourists during the summer, according to bzb.ro.

In Predeal, this project, prepared a year ago, has reached the bidding phase after obtaining the necessary approvals. The city hall has launched the tender for the execution of the works, with the contract valued at 8,000,000 lei, VAT included.

The project envisions that the summer sledding track will be built on the left side of the Clăbucet slope and will pass through the forest. The uphill track will be 332 meters long, and the downhill track used by tourists will be 490 meters long. The installation will be equipped with 22 sleds with 2 seats (one adult and one child) and will have a capacity of 320 people.

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In the case of the summer sledding project in Poiana Brașov, it was announced 12 years ago, but nothing materialized until 2023, when the tender was launched. The contract is worth 20,411,473 lei, including VAT, and was awarded in February 2024.

The summer sledding track in Poiana Brașov will be built on the left side of the Bradul slope. The installation will have 60 sleds, a downhill track of 990 meters, and an uphill track of 550 meters.

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