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The Sun Highway will have modern parking lots, with toilets and showers at European standards

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The parking lots on the Sun Highway, at Vâlcele and Fetești, will be leased for 20 years. CNAIR has launched the auction, and the winning company will set up four service areas with Rompetrol gas stations. The revenues of the National Company for the Management of Road Infrastructure (CNAIR) from royalties will be a maximum of 2.1 billion lei.

There are two parking lots with Rompetrol gas stations at Vâlcele, Calea I/Calea II, and another two parking lots with gas stations at Fetești, also left/right, and the concession contracts with the fuel distributor signed in 2008 are set to expire in June and July 2024. We are talking about a surface area of the service area, on each lane, of approximately 25,000 square meters, of which 3,000 are leased for the gas station.

The parking lots on the A2 Sun Highway are leased to OMV Petrom, Rompetrol, and Mol. Those at Vâlcele and Fetești are valid until June/July, while the OMV Petrom parking lots at Sărulești, Lehliu, and Perișoru have contracts until 2029/2030, and 2041 for the Murfatlar service area of Mol.

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The contract for the leasing of the 4 Rompetrol parking lots has been published in the Electronic Public Procurement System and provides for the equipping, furnishing, and modernization of the service areas by providing fuel distribution stations, charging stations for light and heavy electric vehicles, rest areas, commercial space with snack bar and café, parking spaces, toilets, and showers, all at European standards. 

Unlike the expiring previous contracts, the novelty now is the stipulation that the spaces must have charging stations for electric cars and showers. The contract will be signed for 20 years. CNAIR aims to obtain royalties of 5 billion euros from leasing service areas on the A3 Bucharest – Ploiești highway, Transilvania, A4 Ovidiu – Agigea, and the Craiova – Pitești Expressway, but this contract is still suspended.

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